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Last Minute Shoppers' Guide for Young Professionals

Did you know that 30% of young professionals wait until the last week before Christmas to start shopping? Let’s face it, you want to be out with friends and family enjoying this time of year. All the decorations and happiness that everyone has in their hearts is infectious.

When you come back to reality, IT’S THE LAST WEEK before the big holiday. You haven’t begun shopping or possibly even thought about what to buy for parents, siblings or the host of your Friendsmas celebration.

Here are a few ideas to make last minute gift giving simple and easy:

1. Beard and Groom Trimming Kit, $19.95 on Amazon

This option is great for all the beard- toting members in your family. If you have Amazon Prime, this is on its way to your loved one for in just two days. How's that for beating the time crunch?


2. Personalized Amp Doormat, $35 on Uncommon Goods

Your friends or siblings will adore this super cool mat at their front door, in their bathroom or anywhere they choose. Plus, $35 is a great price point for a unique present.


3. Personalized Amp Doormat, $35 on Amazon

It’s so much fun to find out people's responses to life situations. I found, Which would you choose?” game while researching. It’s available from Amazon for around $18 and will arrive on time.


4. Holiday Greenery, starting at $49.95 on Williams Sonoma

Greens or a wreath are a unique holiday gift. William Sonoma’s eucalyptus wreath caught my eye and I tagged it as a cool find. It can be sent today for delivery by Christmas and as a BONUS, it lasts well after the holiday as a reminder to its recipient of just how thoughtful you are. Depending on size, this gift starts at $49.95.


5. Keychain Flashlight, $16.60 on Streamlight

This item is an economical gem for those who fumble around trying to get their keys out of their purse or see where the keyhole is located on their door. It’s durable and a useful gift. It's ready for you to tuck in someone’s stocking at $16.60 and will arrive before Christmas.


If you are watching your finances or are stretched for time, it’s always ok to send a collective gift to the house such as a gift basket full of breakfast goodies. If you can’t make it home for the big day, then be sure to schedule in some Facetime with everyone, perhaps to participate in the blessing over dinner or when gifts are being unwrapped. Our family schedules an annual call with Aunt Rita and the phone gets passed around the room to each and every person. It becomes a silly game to see who is getting the phone next.

However, and whomever you buy for in the next week, be sure to stop and enjoy the time of giving and receiving. It’s not all about the gifts but it is about the gathering of people who share in conversation and companionship and sometimes craziness.

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