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Corporate Trainings


For the Company who values training their employees


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Perhaps you are a leader of young professionals and are finding challenges within your team...

Do you know how to attract and retain top talent? What are the perks, benefits and working conditions that entice Gen Z'ers? How do you effectively manage them?

Young Businesswomen
Topic Examples

  • Handling awkward situations

  • Navigating Generational Gaps

  • Working a meeting that includes a meal

  • Artful conversation

  • Any other topics listed under One : one sessions and Skill Talks

  • Mirroring techniques

Brief outro paragraph

What's Included

4 hour session 

Here's what you can expect to receive over the course of our work together:

  • Comprehensive client intake questionnaire

  • Visualization, breathing and stress management techniques

  • Biweekly check-ins per each 30 day increment

  • Email and text support 

  • 30 day blueprint for your success

$750 per 1/2 day workshop session

"Michele’s vast experience working with young people took the stress of compiling information out of the equation. Michele has a wonderful, calm manner that immediately puts everyone around her at ease. Michele is THE go-to professional when your young adults need guidance for their future.”

~ Diane S., Parent

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